I. In the following sentences supply the articles (a, an or the) if they are necessary. If no article is necessary, write Ø.

1. Jason’s father bought him __a___ bicycle that he had wanted for his birthday.
2. __the___ Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from __ Ø ___ France to __the___ United States.
3. Rita is studying __ Ø ___ English and __ Ø __ math this semester.
4. __the__judged asked __the__ witness to tell the truth.
5. Please give me __a__ cup of __the__ coffee with ___a__ cream and __the___ sugar.
6. __the__ big books on __the__ table are for my history class.
7. When you go to __the__ store, please buy __a__ bottle of __ Ø ___ chocolate milk and __a__ dozen oranges.
8. There are only__a__ seats left for ___ Ø __ tonight’s musical at __the__ University.
9. John and Mercy went to __ Ø __ school yesterday and then studied in __the__ library before returning home.
10. What did you eat for ___ Ø __ breakfast this morning?

II. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of other.

1. This pen isn’t working. Please give me ____another___
2. If you’re still thirsty, I’ll make ____the other____ pot of coffee.
3. This dictionary has a page missing. Please give me ____the other_____
4. He doesn’t need those books. He needs _____the other______
5. There are thirty people in the room. Twenty are from Latin America and _____the others______ are from ___other__ countries.
6. Six people are in the store. Two were buying meat. _____another______ was looking at magazines. _____another______ was eating a candy bar. _____the others_______ were walking around looking for more food.
7. This glass of milk is sour. _____another_____ glass of milk is sour too.
8. The army was practicing its drills. One group was doing artillery practice. ____another____ was marching; _____another_____ was at attention; and ____the other_____ was practicing combat tactics.
9. There are seven students from Japan. ______the others______ are from Iran, and ____the others_____ are from ______other_____ places.
10. We looked at cars today. The first two we far too expensive, but ____the other_____ ones were reasonably priced.